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Sun, Jun. 4th, 2006, 08:50 pm

HF has officially broken up. Like, a few months ago, but I see no one's updated. They had a good run, but alas, college, girlfriends, gas costs, theater, work, and much more, has come between the band and practicing. So, I suppose, this would qualify as a farewell post. Comments are still welcome, but I will no longer be updating (especially since I now live in Chicagoland). To quote Levi, "It's basically about how God helps us through all the troubles of life, and all that shit, so here goes..." May everyone stay in the grace of God which has brought us together, may the friendships forged stay firm, and may we all live in accordance with the scriptures to the best of our ability, depending on He who was perfect for us, so that we might live eternally. "The one who calls you is faithful, and He will do it." 1Thessalonians 5:24 Amen.

Sun, Nov. 6th, 2005, 03:44 pm
ai_saki: New Song

Hello all! HF has released a new song on their myspace account. "End of Times" was recorded at Club 3* and although it's not the best they've played it, it's still kick butt good. Not many people have been updating, so I'm not even sure if anyone's been keeping track of the updates, but hey! it's all good, because the band is still making there way up in life. They've been busy with college apps. and jobs and trying to save up money, but they still love you all and try to make time to keep things together. They live for God, but your support is always a bonus!

Sat, May. 14th, 2005, 09:04 am
pyrrhical: Upcoming Shows

Upcoming Shows

June 2nd:
Last Day of School Jam, Trinity Lutheran Church, Owatonna, MN at 7:00 p.m. $3 at the door!

June 22nd:
Central Park, Owatonna, MN at 8:00 p.m.

And at Rachel's graduation party!

Check 'em out! Also~

Webpage: and MySpace!

The webpage looks awesome: seriously. Check it out, y'all!

Fri, Apr. 22nd, 2005, 03:59 pm
pyrrhical: April twenty-two

The band is performing, TONIGHT, at the lovely band jam! I suggest you guys all check it out! Seven bands total (I think), and Gedwik has staffed it (thanks, guys!).

I, personally, won't be able to make it, but I hope someone can go and take pictures for me, eh? Please? ^_^

Starts at six! Be there, or be:

I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts, do-dle-de-do~


Mon, Mar. 21st, 2005, 09:06 am
pyrrhical: Welcome!

Well, here I am again. Opening another small-town-band community. I think I can almost blame this on Sara, what with her lovely RI band community, but hey. I'll take some fall. :P

As Miss Angie (ai_saki) has already welcomed everyone far more efficiently than I ever could (plus with such a lovely post -- much love), I'll just say "hello," and that I'm mod number two, and the community owner.

Questions about the community itself, how to post, how to get a LiveJournal, etc, can be directed to myself (Liz James, class of 2006), or to ai_saki. We can both help you out. Questions pertaining to the band can be directed to any number of people, not the least of which being the actual band members. chesney_n, the lovely bassist, has a LiveJournal for your perusal (though I'm not sure if it's actually got something of substance as of yet).

I've got a bunch of lovely pictures from the Trinity bash a few months back that I'll be formatting and posting within the month (probably over Spring Break), so watch for those! I'll update as I get information, but this community has open posting.

What is open posting you ask? Simple! It means that all you have to do to have a post show up on the community is to join it! (You can choose for your update to show in the community by choosing "floodgateband" as the journal to post to on your update page. More questions? Ask a mod. It's what we're here for.) Any information you have that we don't, feel free to post! In fact, feel free to just say "hello." Just please keep in mind that, being unrestricted, anyone can view this journal. Keep your posts mature and within the guidelines of "I'd say this in front of my grandmother."

^_^ Sorry for being the "follow the rules" mod, but someone's gotta do it. As a mod, I'm capable of blocking you from the community, so please follow the rules. There's only that one. Y'know? Being kind courtious. You can say the music sucks all ya like, but don't be mean about it.

That said, have fun and happy posting!


Sat, Mar. 19th, 2005, 04:53 pm
ai_saki: (no subject)

Hello all! Alrighty since no one else has updated on here *cough* I'll take the initiative since I'm BORED. Synopsis on last 3 performances:

OHS Speech Meet:
The crowd sucked, but they did well. The sound was a bit off so you couldn't understand James, but we'll forgive them that. Chesney's back up vocals do tons for their sound. Heaven's Floodgate formerly known as Side View has come a long way since last summer. Tee-shirt sales were pretty good, somewhere around 10 I think.

Talent Show:
I wasn't able to make it, but from what I hear they were well received even though the sound system SUCKED. Set up time should be a little more than 5 min. if you want a good show, so it was a little sub-par. Tee-shirt sales were still wicked. I think there were at least 20 people wearing them this week, at least. I also heard that Tyler was a really good addition. Play more buddy, don't be so shy at the other gigs! I still have yet to hear you. Levi dedicated 'High School' to Aaron Hall, one of his best friends who committed suicide the Sunday before. From what I heard, that was REALLY well received. And I think Levi kinda needed that.

Big 9 Speech Meet:
The crowd was a LOT better than they were Sat. We only sold 2 tee-shirts but still, the sound system kicked holy ass and James got 1st place in Duo with April Dauffenbach. YOU GO GUYS!!! Right, now I'm sounding like some lame fan. Basically, it was a good show, even though Liz Bauer stole Levi's hat off my head and some of the Owatonna people looked like idiots. It's all in fun, eh? I also got to talk to Cathy (Levi's mom) for the first time in months. Forgot how much I missed her, it's been a while. FYI since otherwise some stuff I might say on here probably won't make sense, I'm Levi's ex-girlfriend, although we're still close friends. It just didn't work. He's still a great guy and seems to be the best at getting all the girls to scream in the audience. ^_^;; Before I start mentioning other quirks that amuse me though, I think I'll stop writing.

Upcoming dates will be posted once I get James to write them down for me, although I know that they're playing somewhere locally soon, and then at Mall of America next month. Again, once I get the actual dates (or anoyo-chan does) they'll be posted.